Presumptive Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is expected to unveil a plan to defer student loan payments for young entrepreneurs while in Denver on Tuesday, according to a top aide.

Clinton is slated to make the announcement during a speech at Galvanize, a job training facility in the Mile High City. The former secretary of state will also share new information about a comprehensive technology and innovation agenda domestic policy that adviser Sara Solow helped her team develop.

On Tuesday, the campaign will release a 15-page plan that includes a program that would allow young entrepreneurs to suspend their federal student loans while they work to open a business or other project. Those eligible for the initiative could defer the loans with no interest and no principal for three years.

Innovators who open businesses in distressed communities can apply for the forgiveness of up to $17,500 in student loan debt after five years.

Clinton will also share a plan to connect every U.S. household with high-speed Internet by 2020, increasing public WiFi locations and streamlining 5G capabilities for all.

The proposals are meant to woo Millennial voters who have flocked to rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders despite Clinton's clinching the nomination last month.