Asked by a young voter leaning toward Bernie Sanders what she would say to people in his age group who think she's dishoneset, Hillary Clinton instead talked about her experience.

"Look I've been around a long time, people have thrown all kind of things at me. I cant keep up with it," Clinton said during the CNN townhall Monday night. "They just fall by the wayside…I keep going forward because there's nothing to it."

Since the beginning of 2016, Clinton has faced discouraging poll numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire With less than one week to go until the caucus, the former secretary of state has been trying to make up ground.

Clinton said that those who may be "new to politics" may be surprised by all the attacks being thrown her way during the campaign, and thus look to other candidates such as Sanders. But she insisted that the reason she is such a prime target for political attacks is that she "has been on the front line fighting for change since I was [young]" and also "taken on the status quo time and time again."

"You can never get knocked off course. Thats my hope for you and all the young people getting involved this first time. Don't get discouraged. Its hard. If it were easy, hey, it wouldn't be any contest."