Hillary Clinton was put on the spot in a Thursday interview with reporter Scott Pelley when he asked the Democratic presidential candidate if she had ever lied to the American people.

Pelley, the host of CBS Evening News, mentioned former President Jimmy Carter's famous promise that he would never lie to the country, then paused for Clinton's response.

"I have tried in every way I know how literally from my young lawyer years to time as secretary of state to level with the American people," Clinton said in the interview that aired Thursday night.

The journalist followed up by asking the Democratic front-runner if she had always told the truth to Americans.

Clinton replied, "I've always tried to, always, always."

A visibly frustrated Pelley doubled down, telling Clinton again that Carter did not say he'd always tried, but promised he would never lie. He asked Clinton if by not being specific she was giving herself "wiggle room."

"You're asking me to say I have never, I don't believe I ever have. I don't believe I ever will. I'm going to do the best I can to level with the American people," Hillary said, conclusively.

Clinton has come under fire for secretly employing a private email server during her time as the top ambassador as well as her knowledge of State Department actions taken during attacks on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya in 2012.

The Republican National Committee said late Thursday that Clinton's response to the question was in itself why some voters question her honesty.

"The fact Hillary Clinton felt the need to waffle on a question about whether she is a liar is precisely why two-thirds of the American people think she's dishonest and untrustworthy," RNC spokesman Michael Short wrote in a statement.