Hillary Clinton's new email address appears to have been revealed by the latest hack, publicized on Thursday by DCLeaks.

Documents obtained from Capricia Penavic Marshall, whose 2009-2013 tenure as chief of protocol at the State Department coincided with Clinton's term as secretary of state, revealed dozens of threads between her and "H." The letter has become synonymous with Clinton's online persona, including two of her previous addresses, HDR22@ClintonEmail.com and HRod17@ClintonEmail.com.

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The newest address Clinton appeared to have used, HDR29@HRCoffice.com, conversed with Marshall on topics that ranged from Donald Trump to the difficulty that her brother's wife, Megan Madden Rodham, experienced in trying to obtain a passport.

"I just talked to Megan who told me she got to the airport and couldn't go [with] Tony and the kids because her passport had expired last week and they had to go w/o her," Clinton said in one email to aide Hannah Richert referencing her brother, Tony Rodham. "She told me you're trying to get her a new one asap. I'm copying Huma and Capricia to see if they can help too."

Huma Abedin served as Clinton's deputy chief of staff at state and now serves as vice chair to her presidential campaign. Richert promptly responded that she was able to resolve the issue, informing Clinton that things were "all set" and that Megan was on her way overseas.

Another thread between Marshall, Clinton and Erick Mullen, a top Democratic PR executive, revealed Clinton agreeing with Mullen's assessment that an early campaign effort to refer to Trump as "Dangerous Donald" could inadvertently drive women to support him by portraying him as a "strong man" who made them "feel safe."

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Clinton presided over Mullen's 2001 marriage to Kelly Craighead, a top Clinton aide who began her career as a member of Clinton's advance team when she served as first lady.

Neither Marshall nor Clinton have confirmed the legitimacy of information included in the leak. A request for comment submitted to the newest address was not returned. DCLeaks has published information from a slew of high profile figures this year, including the billionaire George Soros and former secretary of state Colin Powell.