The influential pro-business conservative group Club For Growth Thursday slapped GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his "mixed record" on financial issues, but said they are backing him because "he' the only choice we've got."

Club for Growth President Chris Chocola also said that businessmen like Romney stink at politics and get frustrated when voters just don't accept that they have made successful decisions in business.

"Business guys just don't understand how politics works, they get frustrated by it, and they don't play the game that well. And I think they have a little disdain for the game because it's all about talking, not doing," Chocola told reporters Thursday at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast.

While he called Romney's fiscal record a "mixed bag," he praised his limited spending while governor of Massachusetts. But his was a very lukewarm endorsement of the GOP standard-bearer.

"We're not concerned about him. We're all for him. We want him to win. He's the only choice we've got. He's better in our view than the alternative," said Chocola.