A bad year at CNBC highlighted by poor ratings and the loss to Fox Business of its star Maria Bartiromo is ending with a nasty controversy.

On Monday afternoon, during a broadcast hosted by anchor Kelly Evans, the network weirdly used an old rap song for background music that shouted the N-word twice.

The song was "Fizzo Got Flow" from the old B2K band that includes this line: “Now I'm gettin paid paid, every single day day, wit my n-----, my n----- Chris and J.”

Evans eventually came back on air with an apology: “Welcome back, we’ll get to some final thoughts. Before we do, an important thing we want to mention here: We accidentally aired a piece of music this hour during a tease with inappropriate lyrics. That obviously should not have been on the air and we deeply apologize for that and for any offense that it may have caused.”

The business network is ending the year with some of the worst ratings in 20 years.

One recent report said that Nielsen Media Research showed that in the key 25-54 advertising category, CNBC only averaged 39,000 viewers.

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