A CNN anchor quickly apologized for airing a video clip of Hillary Clinton expressing regret for the Benghazi terrorist attacks spliced together with video of the former secretary of state laughing while she was asked about her plans in 2016.

After playing the clip, CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield apologized to viewers, realizing that it looked like Clinton was laughing about the terrorist attack.

"I want to be real clear here," she stated. "Those were two separate sound bites that we tried to get to as quickly as possible — we call them 'tape turns.' One of them was about Benghazi and another that was completely separate and a different time, was about her thoughts about 2016. It was brought in while she was laughing about something completely unrelated at a different time. That is our mistake. She was not laughing — let's be very clear that the secretary of state was not laughing about the previous comments about Benghazi."

Although the video clip included a visual transition, Banfield explained to viewers that the clip was a "butted sound bite."