Dozens of people wrote scathing reviews of CNN's app on the App Store on Monday, including many from supporters of President Trump who said CNN is "fake news" and full of "obvious bias."

CNN's app now has a one-star rating, a sign that most of the 2,286 people who reviewed the app are as opposed to CNN as Trump.

"I have noticed a sharp decline in journalistic integrity in the past year or so," one reviewer wrote under the headline, "bad ads and obvious bias."

Many criticized CNN for a report last week that said it would not reveal who created a GIF of Trump wrestling CNN to the ground. That report was seen as an attempt by CNN to blackmail the GIF creator and others who might criticize CNN in the future.

"I like knowing what's going on in the world," one reviewer wrote. "Sadly, CNN not only doesn't deliver on that, but if you call them out for it, they threaten to blackmail you."

"Do NOT trust a news network who BLACKMAILED a civilian over an anti-CNN meme they created!" another wrote.

Other entries were called "Great App! Horrible Biased Content," "Biased reporting," and "Blatant lies and brainwashing."

"It's become quite clear that CNN is actively trying to undermine the president and they are hurting the American people with their lies and propaganda," one reviewer wrote.

"CNN is fake news," one entry was titled.

One review said the CNN app is the "worst news app EVER," but another said it is the "best fake news app ever."

The onslaught of bad reviews appears to have prompted the App Store to add its own note defending CNN.

"We're diehard fans of 24-hour news channels, and CNNGo combines the depth of CNN's reporting and original programming with the instant gratification we crave," the note said.

There is no similar note from the App Store describing the Fox News app, which has 575 reviews and an average rating of four stars.