CNN senior political correspondent Nia-Malika Henderson ripped President Trump's State of the Union address as flat and inconsequential.

Immediately after the president spoke, CNN brought in Henderson to analyze the address.

"He seemed to be a little low-key and almost tired and bored in his delivery," she said. "There was a part when he talked about it really being an exciting time to be in America. He didn’t seem to be very excited himself to be up there delivering that message about how exciting it is to be in America. … There were times in this speech It thought he again sort of — have you been the president over this last year. He talked about trade in the same way and if you look at actually what he’s done on trade it hasn’t been much."

Henderson allowed, however, that Trump's speech was "adequate."

Trump's speech largely touched on themes related to immigration, the economic opportunity, and some legislative plans, like infrastructure spending.