A CNN report this week originally ignored the party affiliation of Flint, Mich., mayor Karen Weaver, who has been accused of diverting money intended for the city's water crisis to a political PAC.

Weaver is a Democrat, but one wouldn't know that from reading the original version of a CNN article titled, "Flint mayor diverted water-crisis money to political PAC, suit says."

The nearly 200-word story reported that Flint's former city administrator, Natasha Henderson, had filed a federal lawsuit against the mayor.

Henderson's lawsuit alleged she was fired after she raised questions about donor cash being directed to a PAC sharing Weaver's name, and away from efforts to correct Flint's water crisis.

The original CNN article stated:

In the suit filed Monday, fired administrator Natasha Henderson claims that in February 2016, Flint's current mayor, Karen Weaver, directed a former city employee and a city volunteer to stop directing potential donors to a charity called Safe Water/Safe Homes. That charity was run by the Community Foundation of Greater Flint and had been approved by the city for water-crisis donations. Instead, the lawsuit claims city employee Maxine Murray was directed by Weaver to begin directing donations to "Karenabout Flint." According to the lawsuit, Murray came to Henderson "in tears" and in fear of "going to jail." CNN cannot independently verify the authenticity of "Karenabout Flint," and it does not appear in any state tax registries. "Karen About Flint" was Weaver's campaign slogan when she ran for mayor in 2015, and her Twitter handle is @karenaboutflint. Murray could not be reached for comment.

There is not a single mention in the story as it appeared originally on CNN's website of the fact that Weaver is a Democrat.

It wasn't until later when the article received several revisions that Weaver's political affiliation was included in the report.

The story now has two new lines that indirectly associate Weaver with the Democratic Party:

Weaver defeated a fellow sitting Democratic mayor in November by running on a platform of fighting for Flint residents who believed officials hadn't done enough to protect them during the ongoing water crisis. Part of this plan was replacing several city employees.


Weaver is extremely popular in Flint, widely praised by fellow Democrats at the state and federal levels. She's been to the White House on behalf of the city, and hosted President Obama during his visit to Flint last week.

Those mentions, however, don't appear until the 9th and 11th paragraphs of a story that is 17 paragraphs long.