The Twitter account for CNN snapped back at President Trump after he claimed, during a rally in Alabama on Friday, that the "fake news" media won't show the crowd size.

Trump has consistently singled out CNN for being a "fake news" outlet, and has gone as far in his opposition to the news network as tweeting out a GIF of himself tackling "CNN."

On Friday, while stumping for Sen. Luther Strange, when Trump accuses "fake news" outlets of being "dishonest" and not showing the crowd in favor of keeping the cameras focused on himself, CNN had in fact been showing split-screen coverage of the event: one shot of Trump and another of the crowd.

A tweet from CNN's Twitter account, showing a clip from CNN's coverage, showed the split-screen coverage as Trump said, "They won't show this. You know — they'll say, 'Donald Trump spoke before a small crowd in Alabama last night. It was a small crowd. Very unenthusiastic crowd. It was a terrible evening.'"

"President Trump in split screen with crowd: Media 'won't show this. ... They don't show the crowd, they show me,'" CNN said in the tweet.

"Now, these are among the most dishonest people — I really mean it," Trump added. "These are among the most dishonest. For instance — Look at the crowd. I would love to have them show the crowd. But they don't show the crowd. They show me the whole night."

The crowd cheered and applauded to Trump's assertions.

Trump condemning the mainstream media for not turning the cameras to show the home audience the crowd size has been a staple at Trump rallies since the 2016 campaign.