A CNN correspondent pressed Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday if he had a problem with people buying sex toys.

"I can't believe I'm going to ask you this, but so you're officially saying Ted Cruz is okay with people buying sex toys?" Dana Bash asked Cruz.

The question came during an interview about a tweet containing a pornographic video liked by his account early Tuesday. Cruz told CNN the post was an "honest mistake."

When pressed to name the staffer, Cruz refused, saying that he wasn't "going to throw someone under the bus" and that the matter had been dealt with internally.

"Can you appreciate the irony that you once defended a Texas law banning sales of sex toys?" Bash asked.

Cruz said Bash was pointing to an example of where the media has ran stories that are "just totally false."

Prior to becoming a U.S. senator from Texas, Cruz served as the state's solicitor general where he argued in 2007 in favor of law approved in the 1970s that banned the sale of sex toys. According to reports, Cruz argued that individuals had no legal right to use them, even within the confines of their own bedrooms.

"One of those laws was a law restricting the sale of sex toys. A stupid law. Listen, I am one of the most libertarian members of the Senate. I think it is idiotic. But, it is an opportunity for knuckleheads in the media to claim, oh, isn't this ironic that Cruz wants to ban these things," Cruz said.

The Texas senator went on to bash the media for its seeming fascination with sex.

"The media and the Left seem obsessed with sex. Let people do what they want," Cruz added.