CNN political director David Chalian condemned President Trump on Tuesday for not taking a stand against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore.

"The president of the United States would like to see an accused child molester be elected senator from Alabama," Chalian said in reference to remarks Trump made earlier in the day.

After reporters asked Trump his position on Moore Tuesday, he said: "We don’t need a liberal Democrat in that seat."

Trump's comments immediately received criticism and made headlines with many in the media calling the remarks a de facto endorsement.

During the White House press briefing on Monday, press secretary Sarah Sanders said that the White House believes the people of Alabama must decide who they want to elect.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway also encouraged Alabama voters this week to support Moore, saying he would vote in favor of the GOP’s tax reform legislation.

Roy Moore, who is the Republican nominee for the special election contest to fill Alabama's vacant U.S. Senate seat, has been accused of pursuing sexual relationships with multiple teenagers while he was in his 30s. He denies those allegations.