CNN’s Erin Burnett found herself confronted with the idea of Rand Paul as a “rabid spider monkey,” after a guest on her show used the imagery to describe the Kentucky senator in a fight.

While discussing the feud with Gov. Chris Christie, Burnett’s guest, Hogan Gidley, a former communications director for Rick Santorum pointed out that Rand Paul refused to be bullied.

“What’s fascinating to me here is Rand Paul saying, bring it on and if you come at me, I’m going to come at you like a rabid spider monkey, and he hit him right in the face,” Gidley said with a straight face. “When the schoolyard bully comes at you – what do you do to back him down? You punch him in the nose, and Rand Paul punched him square in the nose.”

Burnett was surprised by the comment.

“I’m just loving Hogan’s rabid spider monkey comment,” she said. “Rand Paul – well no offense Rand Paul – I can see you as a rabid spider monkey.”

As the segment continued with her second guest, Burnett couldn’t shake the image out of her head.

“I just have an image of Chris Christie battling a rabid spider monkey and it’s just funny,” she laughed.