During a segment on "The Lead" yesterday, CNN host Jake Tapper – the new face of CNN – took time to geek out over the return of the popular medieval fantasy drama series “Game of Thrones” on HBO.

“If you have not yet seen ‘Game of Thrones,” prepare to accept your fate,” he stated as he played promotional footage from the show.

Using his political instincts to decipher the show, Tapper admitted that “what is interesting about the show is that it’s not about the magic, it’s about power.”

As he interviewed the series co-creator David Benioff, Tapper informed him that all of the sex in the show made it difficult to watch it on the airplane.

“On my flight out here I was watching 'Game of Thrones' on my iPad,” he remarked. “And I had to turn to the woman next to me and say, ‘If you see anything inappropriate on my iPad, I’m not watching a dirty movie.’”