Liberal CNN commentator and former Obama White House official Jennifer Psaki said current White House communications director Hope Hicks is in need of an "intervention" amid her reported involvement with an alleged abuser who also worked at the White House.

Psaki on Friday said ousted White House staff secretary Rob Porter, who is believed to be romantically linked to Hicks and stands accused by two ex-wives of assault, fits into "patterns of abuse."

"And abusers don’t look like a stereotype," she said. "They don’t look like a troubled person. They can have an impressive pedigree, as Rob Porter did."

CNN's interviewed Porter's ex-wife Jennie Willoughby the previous night, during which Willoughby said she believed Porter is still capable of abuse.

Psaki continued, "And as I was watching that [interview], my thought was, where is Hope Hicks’ mother, where are her friends? There’s an intervention needed here and I don’t know her, but as a woman and as a woman working in Washington, it’s really troubling that she’d be in this situation. And I hope that somebody is going to help her get out of it."

Porter has denied the allegations. The White House did, however, accept his resignation on Wednesday.