CNN commentator Van Jones, who attributed President Trump's ascension to the White House to a nationwide "whitelash," said his election night remarks resulted in fans giving him free meals and Uber rides for two weeks after Nov. 8.

"The next day, my commentary had become this sort-of viral sensation," Jones told Esquire in an article published Sunday commemorating the first anniversary of Election Day 2016. "Fox News is mad at me for saying 'whitelash.' Liberals are treating me as some kind of hero."

"Literally, for the next two weeks, I didn't have to pay for anything in any establishment in D.C. or New York," Jones continued. "Not one meal. Not one cab. Uber people would turn the thing off and just drive me around for free."

Jones, who was part of CNN's special coverage, said the phrase "whitelash" came from a conversation with his wife over race relations in Europe.

"People think I made that term up on the spot," he continued. "It's very rare you can put two syllables together and make the entire case."

He also recalled how there was metaphorical "smoke coming out of every gear" as he and other political pundits grappled with unexpected polling data that kept rolling in.

"I got to my apartment and put my head down," he added, after the race was called for Trump.

"I woke up like three, four hours later. And in my mind I thought, it was a dream. Just for a split second. I was still fully clothed. I had makeup all over my pillow. And I was like, 'Shit.'"