Top Trump administration officials will meet with Republican leadership Wednesday afternoon to talk tax reform, as the legislative process kicks off Thursday with a House committee hearing.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn will meet with the leaders and top tax writers in Congress as part of the ongoing conversation about tax reform, according to a House aide.

The two officials were making the rounds on Capitol Hill Wednesday. Earlier, they met with members of the Senate Finance Committee. Mnuchin sat in for lunch with Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee, which is responsible for tax policy.

That committee will be the setting Thursday for the first hearing on tax reform, featuring business executives. Among them: John Stephens, chief financial officer for AT&T, Douglas Peterson, CEO of Standard & Poor's, and Steven Rattner, the chairman of Willett Advisors, the investment arm for Michael Bloomberg's personal and philanthropic assets and a former adviser to former President Barack Obama.

Republicans are hoping to decide on a single, unified approach for tax reform before advancing legislation.