Moderator Brendan Clark spoke for most viewers Monday night when Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch brought up Mark Sanford's infamous 2009 trip to Argentina to see his mistress: "She went there."

But for political bystanders watching the House race in South Carolina -- best known nationally as the showdown between the former governor who had an affair and Stephen Colbert's sister -- the most memorable line in Monday night's one and only debate was probably a nonanswer.

"I couldn't hear what she said," Sanford replied. "Repeat it, I didn't hear."

He quickly jumped back to the sequester, though as second moderator Shawn Drury noted, Sanford hasn't shied away from discussing the affair on the campaign trail.

"I can't speak for him. ... I heard it, but I can just speak for myself," Drury told us. "It was loud. There was a lot of background noise."

Drury also doesn't really think Sanford's "repeat it" line is his "oops" moment, a la Texas Gov. Rick Perry's infamous debate flub last year.

"I understand the national folks are caught up in the redemption aspect for the governor," said Drury, state political editor for Patch in South Carolina. sponsored the debate. But he thinks most district voters headed to the polls Tuesday have already decided whether they forgive Sanford -- and how much.