On Nov. 9, 1988, Arlington County police responded to a report of screams.

Before they arrived at the apartment, police received a second call, this time for a report of shots fired.

When police reached the apartment, the killer was gone and the woman who lived at the apartment had been fatally shot.

The killing of Connie Holtzman, 38, remains unsolved, one of thousands of cold case homicides in the capital region. Detectives say that someone has information about what happened that night.

Shortly before the killing, the recently divorced Holtzman, had just hung up the phone with her boyfriend and was baking a pumpkin pie. She and her boyfriend were getting ready to go on a cruise on his yacht the next day.

Her purse was on the ground outside the front door of her South Four Mile Run Drive apartment. The front door was ajar.

Holzman's body was against the door as if she was trying to prevent someone from getting in, and it appeared that the assailant or assailants pried open the door and shot her dead, police said.

Holtzman worked at a local photo business in Arlington. Police say she had a few good friends. But she seemed to have few close relationships in the community.

Arlington police resubmitted all of the physical evidence for upgraded tests in the crime lab in 2001.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Arlington County police tip line at 703-228-4242, or Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477).