Audrey Hamilton, an aspiring beautician and model, told her friends at a McDonalds restaurant that she was tired and was going home. It was near midnight, Aug. 29, 1993.

The several blocks walk through Congress Heights would be dangerous. To protect herself, Audrey, 18, carried an empty glass bottle as a weapon.

She never made it home.

Audrey's body was discovered the next morning on the 600 block of Savannah Avenue, near Ballou High School. She had been raped and murdered.

Twenty-years-later, Aubrey remains one of the thousands of cold case killings that police are trying to solve. Police believe there is someone in that neighborhood with information about who is responsible for Audrey's death. They hope that person will come forward.

Witnesses said a man, described as about 5-feet 6-inches tall and weighing 120 pounds, ran across the Sixth Street, put his arms around Audrey and walked away with her. Moments later, a second man was seen in the area. Police believe he may also be involved in the murder because Audrey had been assaulted by a least two people.

The man who first approached Audrey either knew her or threatened her with force if she did not walk with him, police believe.

She was found by a maintenance man next to a concrete divider on a patch of lawn behind a decrepit four-story brick apartment building at Sixth and Savannah streets SE.

Two months later, a second woman, Deborah McManus, was found beaten and strangled to death behind Ballou High School, possibly by the same person, because the condition of the bodies was similar and some characteristics of the attacks matched.

Anyone with information about Audrey's death may contact police at the new tip line at 888-919-2776 or through a text messaging number: 50-411. All calls are confidential, and you will not be required to give your name.