Nearly 40 years have passed since authorities found the naked body of a young woman who’d been killed with a pair of scissors in her high-rise Alexandria apartment.

The body found in early 1970 was that of Donna Sue Oglesby, an 18-year-old from the town of Poteau, Okla. She had been stabbed and slashed across the throat and chest.

With no witnesses and few leads for investigators to follow, Oglesby’s case remains unsolved.

At the time, the slaying was thought to be linked with two others that occurred in the Washington area within 16 days of Oglesby’s death.

On Jan. 18, 1970, 14-year-old Sherry Bristol Kennedy was found dead near a ditch under a bridge in Montgomery County, with an ice pick through her head. She, too, had been stabbed and cut. Ten days later, 33-year-old high school teacher Catharine Kalberer was found dead in a neighbor’s car outside of her Bethesda apartment, stabbed with a kitchen knife more than 100 times. Five days after that, Oglesby was slain.

All three victims were found within a mile of the Beltway; and all three were blond.

Oglesby had come to the Washington area to work as an FBI clerk after recruiters visited her high school searching for young women to do office work near the bureau’s headquarters. A co-worker once described Oglesby as outgoing, vivacious and a partygoer.

After her death, FBI agents took up the hunt for her killer.
Oglesby was one of two girls from her 96-member 1969 graduating class to make the more than 1,000-mile trek to the nation’s capital.

“It was the first time they were ever away from home,” the father of the Poteau girl who accompanied Oglesby to D.C. told the Washington Post News Service. “A fella can’t keep from worrying when you read about things happening in Washington.”

Oglesby was an active member of the Poteau Assembly of God Church, where her grandfather was a minister. A member of the congregation told the news service: “We used to pray for her there in Washington.”

Her case — and the two others — remain open. Anyone with information is asked to call the FBI at 703-686-6000.