Sen. Marco Rubio is sponsoring bipartisan legislation aimed at reducing sexual assaults on college campuses, but college Democrats want you to remember how much you should still hate the Florida GOP senator.

In an official response to Rubio’s legislation titled “We’re not fooled,” National Vice President of the College Democrats of America Natasha McKenzie devoted just 19 words of her 113-word statement to praising Rubio.

“While it’s great news that Senator Rubio has joined the many bipartisan voices working to end campus sexual assault, it’s impossible to forget that he voted twice against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act,” McKenzie wrote.

“At a time when nearly one in five women in the U.S. have been raped on and off campus, and one in four women have experienced severe violence from a partner, Rubio’s continued opposition to this important (and bipartisan) legislation shows how out of touch he is with the needs of young Americans,” McKenzie added. “Curbing campus sexual assault is an important goal that we all share, but until Senator Rubio decides to stand with women on VAWA, we’re not fooled.”

Oh that evil, evil Rubio, hating women while supporting legislation that is supposed to help them. Of course, McKenzie completely ignores the fact that Rubio did so not because he hates women and wishes violence upon them, but because he didn’t like some funding provisions included in the reauthorization bill.

And it wasn’t that Rubio was trying to cut spending from the bill, rather, he didn’t approve of diverting funds from domestic violence programs to combatting sexual assault because he believes there is no evidence such a diversion would do any good. Further, Rubio noted that the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence was not happy with the funding diversion, which also led to his “no” vote.

So to say Rubio is “out of touch” with women who have experienced domestic violence speaks to the lack of attention paid to bills beyond their fancy name. Because it is possible to not want women to be attacked yet still oppose VAWA.

Imagine that.

Responding to the Democrats’ attack, Rubio spokesman Alex Conant told the Washington Examiner that jabs like this won’t stop Rubio from doing his job.

“Rest assured, [College Democrats of America's] attacks won’t discourage Senator Rubio from working to combat sexual assault on college campuses. This effort is bipartisan and serious, unlike the [College Democrats of America].”