Joshua Recalde-Martinez, an 18-year-old College Republican and campus free speech advocate, has won a seat on the California Republican Party’s Executive Committee, making him the youngest person ever to be elected to the state committee.

Recalde-Martinez, who has appeared on Fox News multiple times for his work to expose the Orange Coast College professor who called President Trump’s election “an act of terrorism,” is now serving as the California Republican Party’s Associate Delegate Representative.

Recalde-Martinez was elected at the CRP’s October 2017 Convention, winning a majority of votes in the first round. He is the youngest person to ever be elected to this position and is currently the youngest member of both the state party’s Executive Committee and Platform Committee.

“I would have never imagined at 18 I would be able to serve my fellow Republicans in such a role, and am honored that I have had so much faith placed in me by so many,” Recalde-Martinez told Red Alert Politics. “As the new Associate Delegate Representative, I look forward to serving the California Republican Party as we work to take our state back so we can make the government one that works for the people again.

Shawn Steel, a dedicated campus free speech activist and RNC Committeeman for California, told Red Alert Politics, “Joshua has tasted the fire of Academic oppression before he turned 18 on his college campus. Instead of becoming a victim, he turned into a force for idea diversity and beat back the administration, a hostile faculty union, and hardcore Antifas with their threats of violence. Joshua’s election as the State Chair of Republican Associates shows that the CRP is meeting the challenges of electing Republicans in a blue state.”

These sentiments are echoed by Harmeet Dhillon, the Vice Chairman of the California Republican Party.

“As RNC Committeewoman from California and an attorney deeply engaged in free speech issues on our California college campuses, I’ve been very impressed with Joshua’s integrity in standing up for the speech rights of conservative students on campus,” Dhillon told Red Alert Politics.

“We need more young leaders like him in the party. When I learned that he was seeking the Associate Delegate Representative position, I did not hesitate to endorse him. Having served on the CAGOP Board of Directors for five years, I know how important it is that we have intelligent, principled, engaged, and committed conservatives on our board to help ensure that we steer the ship in the right direction. We expect great things from Joshua in the future.”

Peter Van Voorhis (@RepublicanPeter) is a conservative activist, commentator, and journalist who focuses on political issues affecting millennials.