Troy Worden, former president of the Berkeley College Republicans, has filed a motion seeking more than $100,000 of damages against Yvette Felarca, a member of the Antifa-affiliated By Any Means Necessary group, on the basis that she has repeatedly threatened and harassed Worden and others on campus.

According to a press release by one of Worden’s lawyers, Mark Meuser, “Felarca filed a frivolous restraining order that restricted Worden's First and Second Amendment rights and made it difficult for him to move around the campus to attend classes. The restraining order was dismissed on Oct. 27, 2017.”

Felarca, who is known for leading the violent BAMN organization, “is twice-over out on bail for charges of assault, resisting arrest, and inciting a riot,” and has been interviewed by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for her role in leading the group.

"Felarca and her attorney attempted to make free speech expensive, and it is time that they pay for their misuse of the court system," said Meuser.

“Worden also asked the court to sanction Felarca's attorney, Shanta Driver, who is the National Chair and founder of the organization BAMN,” the press release continues. “As an attorney and as the National Chair of BAMN, Driver should have known that the motion was frivolous and that it was brought for the improper purpose of restricting Worden's rights.”

Worden told the Washington Examiner that he views Felarca’s actions as a manipulation of the justice system.

“Yvette Felarca and By Any Means Necessary have brought frivolous restraining orders against multiple persons in the last year - including myself - in an attempt to stifle free speech with which they disagree and would like to silence. All those restraining orders have been dismissed," Worden said. “Hypocritically, the Left has lamented for years that the justice system treats them and their causes unfairly, but here is a perfect example of their manipulating and abusing the justice system for their own ends. I am thankful for the hard work Mark Meuser and the Dhillon Law Firm have done to secure my First Amendment rights and defeat Felarca in court,” he continued.

"This case represented a massive imbalance in power in that we had a poor college student about to lose his constitutional rights because a massive organization had the resources to try to crush him in court," said Dhillon Law Group managing partner Harmeet K Dhillon. "The Dhillon Law Group is proud that we could help level the playing field and turn the tables."

Peter Van Voorhis (@RepublicanPeter) is a conservative activist, commentator, and journalist who focuses on political issues affecting millennials.