Jeremy Epstein, the 20-year-old college student from last night's town hall debate, was a guest on MSNBC this morning and said that he was satisfied with the answers to his question.

“Well, Mitt Romney’s first answer, I felt like he was staring into my soul, just right through me when he was answering the question.” Jeremy explained. “I felt like he offered me a job five minutes into the debate. I felt like his answer was sincere.”

“When the president came up, he started out by saying my future is bright,” Jeremy said.

“They talked very well, eloquently and I think they both gave very good answers,” he concluded.

"I think I made a decision," Jeremy said, who declined to reveal his choice for president.

Obama spoke with him after the debate, Jeremy revealed, and told him that he could not beat him in a one-on-one basketball game.

"I disagree with him on that." Jeremy said.