Colorado’s state-run Obamacare exchange signed up more than 165,000 people for 2018 coverage at the end of open enrollment, a nearly 3 percent increase from last year.

Connect for Health Colorado reported that it overcame “some confusion in the market” over the future of the healthcare law. Colorado is one of 11 state-run exchanges that sign up their own residents, while 39 states use the federally run

“Despite the uncertainty that created some confusion in the market, we have seen volumes that nearly match last year’s longer Open Enrollment Period,” said Connect for Health Colorado CEO Kevin Patterson.

The 2017 open enrollment ended last Feb. 3 for Colorado.

Patterson did not say what the confusion was, but some Obamacare advocates have said that people may be confused about whether the law was repealed after unsuccessful repeal efforts from Congress. There was also uncertainty over cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers that Trump halted on Oct. 18, a few weeks before open enrollment was set to begin Nov. 1.

Colorado’s open enrollment deadline ended Jan. 12, nearly a month after the Dec. 15 deadline for

The plan selection total is not final, because enrollments remain open through March 1 for anyone whose 2017 health plan was not offered for 2018, the state said. Colorado residents who had a qualifying event such as a marriage, divorce, or job loss have 60 days to enroll in 2018 coverage.

The Trump administration slashed the open enrollment period for in half and ended signups on Dec. 15, as opposed to the Obama administration, which extended open enrollment for 2017 to Jan. 31. The website signed up 8.8 million people, slightly below the 9.2 million for signups for 2017 coverage.