Because Anjelah Johnson isn't much for social media, she decided on a different approach to interact with her fans.

Each week, the 30-year-old comedian posts a video blog on her website. In one last week, she called fans. In another, she answered questions. The snippets are 3-minute glimpses into Johnson's busy life.

"I'm not very good with the Twitter," said Johnson. "I'll Twitter like 'Hey, I'm here with my nephew, it's his birthday.' I'm not very good with the social media sometimes. It was kind of my way to keep in touch with my fans."

Johnson performs Saturday at the Warner Theatre.

Anjelah Johnson
Where: Warner Theatre, 513 13th St. NW
When: 7 p.m. Saturday
Info: $29.50;

Johnson's story has long been repeated. The one-time NFL cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders was living in Los Angeles in 2005 when a comic at her area church offered a free joke writing and stand-up class.

That first class led to stand-up gigs, which led to the popularity of her Vietnamese nail salon employee joke. That ultimately resulted to a role on the sketch comedy show MADtv, where Johnson originated the character Bon Qui Qui, an obnoxious burger chain employee.

Growing up in San Jose, Calif., watching BET's "Comicview," Johnson never considered getting into comedy. She just liked to laugh.

"I had no desire to be a comedian at that point," Johnson said of her beginnings. "It was a free class on Tuesday night at church, so why not?"

Because of her experience as an NFL cheerleader, Johnson made an easy transition to the stage.

"I'm used to performing," she said. "I'm comfortable in front of people. I'm never the one who's fighting for attention, but I've always been comfortable."

Johnson has a new stand-up special due out at the end of this year or the beginning of year. While in D.C., Johnson will not do political humor.

"I stay far away from political humor," Johnson said. "I like to tell stories and relate to people and get everybody having a good time. I don't ever want to be in a situation people feel the need to tell me their opinion. So I stay away from any kind of material that would cause somebody in the audience to shout me there opinion. Let's tell some stories, let's have a good time. Let me share with you about my life. It's probably going to be relatable to you, because that's what I like to do. I like to relate to people. I'm not trying to stir up stuff."