Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross portrayed the Trump administration's push for tax reform as a campaign against elites on Saturday, calling for taking away tax breaks that benefit special interests.

"We must drain the swamp of corporate tax lobbyists and the loopholes they create for special interests," the billionaire former investor told free-market activists in Richmond.

"We can no longer coddle the elite and let them hide smugly behind their K Street hired guns," Ross said.

Ross spoke at the summit of Americans for Prosperity, a free-market group with a large activist network that is advocating for tax reform. Ross was a late substitution for Vice President Mike Pence, who was slated to appear but instead travelled to Camp David in Maryland for an administration meeting to plot Afghanistan strategy.

The administration seeks to elminate "sweetheart deals" for interests in the tax code, Ross said, and "permanently reduce taxes wherever possible."

The administration hasn't spelled out exactly which corporate tax breaks it intends to eliminate. The White House has said, though, that on the individual side, only the breaks for mortgage interest, retirement saving, and charitable deductions are off the table.

Democrats have offered the criticism that the administration's commitment to lower tax rates for businesses and individuals will benefit the wealthy, regardless of what breaks they try to eliminate.