Getting a plug in the annual State of the Union address is a big deal for lobbyists and activists in Washington. It is a clear public sign that the White House is backing their agenda. But one group would rather President Obama not mention them: advocates of the education reform called Common Core.

Common Core is attempt to create a standard national curriculum for kindergarten through high school. It's an idea whose supporters and detractors cut across party and ideological lines. One of the supporters is Obama, who touted it in his two previous addresses. That appears to have done it more harm than good, though.

"It's imperative that the president not say anything about the Common Core State Standards," Michael Petrilli, executive vice president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, told Politico. "For two years running, he's taken credit for the adoption of these standards, which has only fueled critics on the right who see this effort as a way for the federal government to take over control of the schools."

Petrilli added: "If he cares more about the success of this initiative than credit-taking, he will skip over it."