A woman was sentenced by a London judge to more than three years in prison after she led a film company to believe she was close to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and could negotiate the filming of an election documentary with Clinton's team.

Ann Leuser, 56, sent UK-based film producers a series of emails that she said were from Clinton’s senior staff members, including her chief of staff Robby Mook.

According to reports, Leuser paid an actress $6,500 to impersonate Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s communications director, on a phone call.

The film company agreed to pay Leuser $40,000 upfront and three subsequent payments of $40,000 during filming if she got them a signed access letter from Clinton herself.

Leuser was sent on a few all-expenses-paid trips to New York and London during the process of obtaining the access letter. But while Leuser told the production team she was in Las Vegas for the 2015 Democratic convention, she was actually in New York forging the letter.

The fraudster, who is from Scotland, was caught when a member of the production team visited Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York and it was revealed that the letter was fraudulent and she actually had no access to the campaign.

An investigation into Leuser’s activities began in February 2016 by London police, and on Friday, she was sentenced in a London court to three years and eight months for fraud by false representation.

London Detective Sergeant Barry Murray told reporters, “Hillary Clinton's campaign for U.S. president was at the center of extensive media scrutiny. Leuser used her personality to capitalize on this opportunity, deceiving industry professionals and gaining a trip to New York along the way.”