Congress today will clear a bill for President Obama's signature that will provide Israel with $225 million for its Iron Dome missile defense system.

The agreement comes even as the House and Senate appear unable to strike a deal on a spending bill to deal with the surge or migrants on the southern border.

In an unusual move, the money is slated to be approved as emergency spending, which means it will not be offset elsewhere in the budget and will add to the nation’s deficit. Republicans had to first wrangle within their own party to get agreement for the emergency funding.

Proponents argued Friday that Congress must act before it leaves today for a five-week recess to replenish the Iron Dome missile supply that the Israeli government said could start running low. Iron Dome has been highly effective at stopping dozens of missiles fired from Gaza.

“If this is not an emergency, what will be?” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a sponsor of the bill, said. “If we say no now, even though how well-intended we may be about our fiscal house being in disarray, it will be perceived as backing away from a friend in need.”

The Senate passed the bill Friday, and the House is expected to approve the measure later in the day, a GOP aide told the Washington Examiner.

Iron Dome spending was initially tacked on to a $2.7 billion Senate bill to address the border crisis.

Lawmakers, realizing that Senate will would never become law because of House opposition, agreed to strip out Iron Dome spending and pass it as a standalone bill.

The bill comes in response to a request for the money from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.