The Congressional Office of Compliance, which handles sexual harassment and assault complaints from Capitol Hill members and staffers, said it has seen a major uptick in website visits to its page on how to report incidents and requests for prevention training, a spokesperson testified before Congress Thursday.

"Over the last six weeks, we have seen a triple-digit percentage increase in the number of requests for in-person sexual harassment prevention training, a triple-digit percentage increase in the number of staffers enrolling in our online training module, twice as many visits to our online information about how to report sexual harassment," Susan Tsui Grundmann, executive director of the Office of Compliance, told the Committee on House Administration.

Grundmann reported a 12 percent increase in the number of followers the office's social media channels since late October.

"I am happy to report that posters notifying employees of their rights are flying off our shelf, with reorders arriving late last week," she added.

Grundmann said the surge in interest indicates Capitol Hill is "finally taking seriously the problem about which we've been sounding the alarm" for years. However, she warned mandatory training practices and posters "are the floor, not the ceiling" to what lawmakers can do to improve the current climate surrounding sexual harassment.