The son of the man who ghost-wrote the original Conscience of a Conservative for Barry Goldwater criticized Sen. Jeff. Flake, R-Ariz., for writing a book of the same name and called on other conservatives to denounce him as well.

"On behalf of my late father and my family, I am denouncing Senator Jeff Flake and his new book, dishonestly titled, ‘Conscience of a Conservative," Brent Bozell III said in a statement on Tuesday.

Bozell, who is president of the conservative Media Research Center, accused Flake of being a hypocrite "time and again" since being elected into the Senate in 2013, saying that he "is neither a conservative nor does he have a conscience." Flake is formerly executive director of the conservative Goldwater Institute.

"While the Goldwater Institute may own the rights to the book's title, neither the organization nor Senator Flake have the right to justifiably trade on my father's work," Bozell said. "‘Conscience of a Conservative' is the greatest selling polemic in history, and Senator Flake is trading on its reputation to shamelessly promote himself and disguise his own conservative deficiencies. My father would be appalled to see this fraud as the author of the so-called ‘sequel,' which it most certainly is not."

Politico released excerpts of Flake's new book on Monday, in which he criticizes conservatives for "rationalizing" Trump. Flake is seeking re-election in 2018.

Flake's office did not immediately respond a request for comment.

CORRECTION: The subject of this story was misidentified in earlier version of this story's headline. The Washington Examiner apologizes for the error.