Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker, who shot to national prominence with her attacks on Sarah Palin in the 2008 presidential campaign, says a woman would be best qualified to be the next president, and there is no one better suited not just to lead the free world as president, but also to save the planet, than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Appearing on MNSBC’s “Morning Joe,” Parker discussed a new column touting Clinton’s strengths. “If the world is ever going to be saved, women are going to do it,” Parker said. “And I think we’ve got the evidence that men, having been in charge now for a good long while, haven’t been able to achieve the desired end.”

“Study after study shows that where women are most oppressed, those nations tend to be the least stable,” Parker continued, “and where women are more empowered, the nations become stronger, healthier, and saner. So it seems to me as al Qaeda is back on the rise and women are becoming a global economic force, that there is no one better suited to sort of lead that movement, symbolically and as leader of the free world, than Hillary Clinton. This is not an endorsement, but let’s just look at it objectively.”

It’s hard to imagine a stronger non-endorsement than to declare that a candidate can save the world. Later, Parker said, “Symbolically, seeing the most powerful nation in the world elect a woman president tells women elsewhere, and also men elsewhere, that women can lead, and that they are qualified to the highest office in the land.”