Dana Loesch, a conservative media personality and author, has endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's presidential campaign. Loesch works for The Blaze, whose founder, Glenn Beck, previously endorsed Cruz.

Loesch hosts a daily television and radio show, and her public support for Cruz also comes shortly after penning a missive against Donald Trump for National Review.

"I have said that I will pull for the most consistent conservative in the race," Loesch said in a statement shared by the Cruz campaign. "As one of the original founders of the modern-day Tea Party movement, I watched grassroots conservatives support Ted Cruz's David and Goliath success against Dewhurst and the Republican establishment. Cruz has fought to repeal Obamacare, shrink the size of government; he has defended our gun rights, our right to privacy, our sovereignty and borders. I personally feel that Ted Cruz is the best choice to reverse America's road to ruin and am proud to support him in the 2016 Republican primary."

Loesch and Beck's public support for Cruz may jeopardize The Blaze's ability to land an upcoming GOP presidential debate. The Republican National Committee barred National Review from hosting a future debate because of its open antipathy for Trump, and The Blaze had publicly campaigned to host a Republican debate. The actions of some of The Blaze's most prominent personalities could make co-hosting a debate as a conservative media organization less likely.