Americans got a brutal bit of news last week when Hostess Brands Inc. announced it would be liquidating its business and shuttering its plants. Fans of snack cakes and Americana mourned the loss of the Twinkie. One group, however, parlayed the situation into a fundraising opportunity.

Gay conservative group GOProud offered two Twinkies in exchange for donations of at least $50. "At first we thought that Michael Bloomberg was behind this latest attack on snack food, but no," the Friday fundraising pitch read. "This time it was the unions!" (Hostess brass has blamed the bankruptcy on its striking union.)

GOProud confirms to Yeas & Nays that this offer is, in fact, for real. "We lucked out and found some of the last Twinkies ever made for sale on Amazon," group founder Jimmy LaSalvia said. Though the pitch was meant to be light-hearted, it has resulted in "some" contributions, LaSalvia said.