As House Republicans prepare to vote Wednesday on two bills responding to President Obama’s decision to delay the employer mandate and income verification requirements of Obamacare, conservative activists are divided over whether or not to support House Republican leadership.

“I urge you to contact your Representative and urge him or her to vote YES on H.R. 2668, the Fairness for American Families Act,” Freedom Works President Matt Kibbe wrote Monday. “The only cure for the manifold ailments of Obamacare is to immediately defund or repeal it entirely, and to replace it with patient-centered health care that will actually lower costs and improve quality and access for all. Until then, basic fairness demands that individuals be granted the same favor as the Administration has given to businesses. The individual mandate must be delayed for as long as possible. H.R.2668 would delay the mandate for the same length of time that the Administration claims to be “delaying” the employer mandate: one year. That’s a start.”

But not all conservatives are being so supportive.

“Repealing only some portions of the statute — for instance, the individual mandate, or IRS enforcement — will allow other portions more fully to take root,” The Heritage Foundation’s Chris Jacobs wrote in a guest post for the think tank’s lobbying arm, Heritage Action. “Without language fully defunding the law, delaying portions of Obamacare will only give the Administration more time to try and ‘fix’ the technical glitches hampering creation of Exchanges. That’s why the best ‘delay’ – and the only effective one – is a full defunding of the statute, one that forces all federal bureaucrats to put down their pens and stop crushing the American economy with Obamacare mandates and regulations.”

The Club for Growth also is opposing the Republicans Obamacare delay bills. “Instead of simply delaying implementation of Obamacare, we should repeal it in its entirety,” Club for Growth President Chris Chocola wrote July 3. “ObamaCare is a horrible piece of legislation that will harm economic growth and it must be stopped. The Club for Growth supports pro-growth, free-market health care reforms that will drive down costs and increase consumer choice.”

It is unclear if House Republican leadership will have enough votes to pass their delay of the individual mandate Wednesday night.