Two conservative groups plan to protest at CNN headquarters in Atlanta.

The Media Equality Group plan to protest at noon Saturday, according to a press release. Main Street Patriots, a group aligned with the Tea Party, will join the demonstration.

"CNN has shown an obsessive focus with conspiracy theories that have been debunked and stories based on discredited sources," the press release said.

CNN has regularly reported on the ongoing Russia probes embroiling the Trump White House, as well as other controversies in the administration.

"We are fired up to confront CNN's blackmail, doxxing and #CollusionDelusion head-on," said Melanie Morgan, co-founder of the group, in the release.

Debbie Dooley, spokesperson for Main Street Patriots, said in an email the group plans to protest CNN every month, "as long as they are a Fake News outlet."

She added: "Trump supporters need to rise up and say enough with a loud voice !!!!"