Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., may be enjoying his 34 point lead in Wyoming against his Republican challenger Liz Cheney, but conservative talk radio hosts are already lining up for the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“You know what we need? We need more Ted Cruzes,” Sean Hannity said on his radio show last week. “Liz Cheney’s like Ted Cruz, I’m voting for Liz — or endorsing Liz. I can’t because I don’t live in Wyoming. If I did, I would.”

Hannity hit Enzi for working with President Obama, and Democrats like Ted Kennedy and Dick Durbin in the Senate.

Cheney also received an endorsement from conservative radio host Mark Levin.

“Let me be the first to endorse her,” radio Mark Levin said on his radio show last week, praising her decision to run. “We need aggressive fresh young conservatives who have courage.”

Cheney already received an endorsement from Red State’s Erick Erickson – also the host of a local radio show in Atlanta, Georgia.

“There are, I am sure, issues on which she and I will not agree. But on most we will agree and I know she can quite ably put points on the board,” he wrote on Red State.

Update: Liz Cheney spoke with Rush Limbaugh later on Monday afternoon, calling attention to her race for Senate.

"After all the great things that Dick Cheney has done for our country over his long, brilliant career, Liz Cheney might turn out to be one of his biggest contributions of all," Limbaugh said at the end of the segment. "We'll find out."