As conservative campus lectures have rocketed into the media spotlight, some on the Left are accusing conservative groups of organizing those lectures with the main intention of provoking opposition.

That is a laughable allegation without any basis in the truth.

Conservative students organize campus lectures because higher education fails miserably to provide their classmates with a balanced perspective on important issues. They do it as a service to their communities.

In college, I worked with Young America's Foundation to bring multiple speakers to my campus every single year. After graduating, I joined the Foundation's staff to help other students around the country do the same. I can tell you firsthand that no conservative I have ever encountered invited a speaker to campus with the primary intention of provoking opposition. They certainly expected opposition, and some eagerly anticipated it, but their primary intention was always to bring a fresh perspective to their classmates.

Opposition, in fact, is a deterrent that terrifies countless students into silence, leaving our campuses dominated by an unchallenged and increasingly radical strain of progressivism. Conservative students are not prone to perceiving themselves as victims, but time after time they are bullied simply for working to expose their classmates to alternative viewpoints. Some students, of course, do enjoy the thrill of engaging with their opposition, and many rightfully use bold advertising techniques to draw crowds to their events. But on today's college campuses, that opposition readily materializes without any provocation at all.

Before slandering the conservative students who today shoulder the burden of fighting to restore balance in academia, I recommend actually acquainting yourself with one. Their work is not easy, but when our nation's campuses decide again to recapture the spirit of free expression, we will all benefit from it.

Emily Jashinsky is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.