Conservative leaders who pushed for Mitt Romney to pick Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate are growing angry and frustrated that the campaign is not using him effectively to woo conservatives, evangelicals and Christian groups. But the Romney-Ryan campaign was quick to note that Ryan is taking the lead on multiple conservative fronts such as religious liberty and traditional marriage.

Earlier today, one of Ryan's conservative allies said "it is very frustrating" that the Wisconsin Republican hasn't become a national sensation on values issues. "Where is he? He speaks to general crowds in battleground states, but they should be using him to energize the values voters."

Asked another conservative Romney advisor, "did the Romney campaign sent him to Gitmo?"

While Ryan's schedule is similar to past vice presidential picks, conservatives argued that in a campaign focused on economic issues, he is a good agent to promote values issues like marriage and life and build enthusiasm among the GOP's core volunteer force.

After Secrets reported the initial frustration of conservatives, the Ryan team provided a detailed list of his outreach including this week's interview with Focus on the Family and his recent address to the Value Voters Forum. More importantly in the era of social media, he posted a video on YouTube and Facebook to promise that a Romney-Ryan administration would defend religious liberty.