Maryland transportation officials awarded a contract to build the final segment of the InterCounty Connector, the state’s newest highway, Gov. Martin O’Malley announced Tuesday.

The State Highway Administration awarded Bethesda-based ICC Constructors the $89 million contract that will build the final one-mile leg of the highway, between I-95 and U.S. Route 1 in Prince George’s County.

Designs for the final segment are underway. Officials expect construction to begin later this year or early 2014. Once the final stretch is finished, the state’s 18.8-mile, first all-electronic toll road will be complete.

“Projects like the ICC address our state’s infrastructure needs so the next generation can benefit from an improved transportation system,” O’Malley said. “Construction of this final segment will support up to 1,000 jobs for our families, open the door to new economic development opportunities in northern Prince George’s County, and provide a congestion-free option for residents traveling between the U.S. Route 1, I-95 corridor and the I-270 corridor.”

The $89 million contract keeps state officials under the $2.5 billion budget for the entire ICC, according to O’Malley.