D.C. police have released the identity of a man fatality hit by a Metrobus last week as 34-year-old Frederick Robinson.

Robinson was hit just before 11 p.m. last Thursday on 14th Street near Parkwood Place just north of Columbia Heights by a Route 52 Metrobus. Robinson died at a local hospital around 3 a.m.

He was laying down in the street before he was hit, according to Metro. A D.C. police officer apparently witnessed the incident, according to Metro.

At the time, three riders were on the bus, which runs along 14th Street from L'Enfant Plaza to Takoma Park.

No charges had been filed. The bus operator was taken out of service on paid leave to be tested for drugs and alcohol, which is standard after any Metrobus crash.

Police said Wednesday they were still awaiting autopsy results.

The fatality was the first fatal Metrobus crash since December 2011, when a motorist was killed after he lost control of his pickup and moved into the other lane of traffic. Pedestrian fatalities are even more unusual. The last one occurred in 2009, according to Metro.