Corey Lewandowski, former campaign manager to Donald Trump, said he left his lobbying firm Avenue Strategies last week over false reports that his company was promising international leaders meetings with the president.

"There were reports that said there were international companies soliciting firms and promising meetings, of which I knew nothing about. I'd never spoken to these individuals. I had no relationship with them and anybody who's making promises on my behalf is candidly not telling the truth and I couldn't be associated with that so I stepped away," Lewandowski told Fox News host Howard Kurtz on Sunday.

"The great news is that the economy's bangin', Trump is creating jobs. I'll find a new job very quickly," Lewandowski added.

A report in late April said through an affiliate Lewandowski's firm, Washington East West Political Strategies, promised to arrange "meeting with well-established figures," including President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, "key members of the U.S. administration" and Trump allies outside of the government.

Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rossello told the Washington Examiner last week that Lewandowski, whose firm was contracted by the U.S. territory, never promised that he would meet Trump. However, the potential end in contract could indicate the K Street lobbyist over-promised and under-delivered.

Lewandowski claimed the reports about the firm forced him to get out, though did not detail how staying in would have hurt him.

"Anybody who will use my name, likeness without my knowledge is a problem and I can't a part of it," Lewandowski added. "If I can help move the White House agenda forward I will be happy to do that."