Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is leaving the D.C. consulting firm he helped to start, according to a report Thursday.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Lewandowski announced his exit from Avenue Strategies, which he launched in December with Barry Bennett, who advised Trump's campaign early on after leaving Ben Carson's 2016 operation.

"The most important thing is my reputation, and I've worked really hard in the face of adversity to try to be successful," Lewandowski said.

Lewandowski has been subject to criticism following several news reports tracking his business dealings with companies, that, for example, have ties to the socialist Venezuelan government, and he appeared to be offering meetings, through an affiliate of Avenue Strategies, with high-level members of the Trump administration, including President Trump himself.

Lewandowski said in the interview he "never heard of" the latter dealing and that his name was used without his authorization after Politico reported that Washington East West Political Strategies was soliciting business in Eastern Europe.

Bennet confirmed to Bloomberg the end of his partnership with Lewandowski and noted all the press attention that Lewandowski was prone to attract.

"No matter how much work we do it's always going to be Lewandowski in the headline," Bennett said.