Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski stood by one of America's most famous coal companies and an Ohio electric company as they urged President Trump to supply them with emergency federal aid to keep their feet on the ground, according to a report.

Both companies wanted the president to prevent utilities from closing coal-fueled power plants,forcing the plants to stay open and keep the plants operating to save the nation's electricity during a nationwide emergency. As Murray Energy and FirstEnergy pled with Trump, they had help from Lewandowski — who has remained in good standing with the president despite being fired as his campaign manager, Politico reported.

Lewondowski denied these reports: "I do not work for FirstEnergy," he told Politico.

"If you report that, it will be more fake news. Both the company and I have confirmed for the record I do not work for them. Same is true with Murray Energy. Much to your dismay, I am not compensated by them. I know you don't want to report the truth but ... the truth is the truth — even when it doesn't fit your liberal agenda."

However, the former campaign manager spoke in support of the companies' wishes at the White House this spring and summer, according to senior White House officials and records reviewed by Politico.

Although the Department of Energy denied the request, as they felt it would be inappropriate, the companies came very close to succeeding. According to letters unearthed by Politico, Trump touted his support of giving the companies the aid they need to continue to keep running, even if it caused the subsidary to go bankrupt.

The reviewed records reportedly do not indicate whether Lewandowski was being paid to represent the companies.

Lewandowski's alleged involvement could mean future trouble for the political operative because he was never registered as a lobbyist, and lobbying laws require full disclosure between firms and those who are advocating for them.