Perhaps Kate Mara found Washington politics as addictive as D.C. found her Netflix series "House of Cards." The diminutive actress, who plays reporter Zoe Barnes, told us on the red carpet back in January that the show's plot line hadn't piqued her interest in political matters. "Sorry, I know being in D.C. that's very controversial to say," she told reporters. "I'm still not necessarily a fan of politics, I don't follow politics, I know enough to be able to vote," she continued.

But then, on Monday night, Mara reappeared in D.C. to give a very special welcome to Newark Mayor Cory Booker as he spoke at a packed young professional fundraiser at the Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Adams Morgan. (So packed, that there was a constant line in front of the venue for an hour-and-a-half). Mara admitted to being apathetic about politics before Booker inspired her to become much more aware. And with that, she introduced the mayor as the next United States Senator from the state of New Jersey. Later in the evening, Booker attended another fundraiser hosted by Katherine Bradley, wife of Atlantic owner David Bradley, at their home.