Joining his female political peers, Newark Mayor Cory Booker was profiled in the January issue of Vogue and couldn't escape questions regarding his weight.

Writer Jacob Weisberg notes that Booker doesn't drink or smoke, but he does like to come home and inhale a whole pizza and then dip into some ice cream. "Vegetarian overeating is his only vice, and he fights a constant battle with his weight," Weisberg writes. "This summer [Booker] tipped the scales at 309 before being horrified by news photographs of his own jowly face -- and receiving stern advice from his friend Mike Bloomberg to 'cut it out.' " The mayor has since dropped 40 pounds, with plans to shed 30 more, the article says.

Weisberg's article also discusses what Booker's next move might be. There's talk of Booker running for U.S. Senate or for New Jersey governor against Republican incumbent Chris Christie. Booker doesn't reveal his plans but does prove he's a nice guy, refusing to laugh when one of his constituents refers to Christie as "Krispy Kreme."