Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., has introduced legislation to legalize marijuana on the legal level.

The legislation would would amend the Controlled Substance Act to eliminate marijuana's status as a Schedule 1 drug, which would decriminalize it at the federal level.

The former mayor of Newark formally unveiled the Marijuana Justice Act on Tuesday during a Facebook Live event. The legislation, Booker said, will "go even further in an effort to remedy many of the failures of the War on Drugs."

"The effects of the drug war have had a disproportionately devastating impact on Americans of color and the poor," Booker added during his Facebook event. "This is the right thing to do for public safety, and will help reduce our overflowing prison population."

Booker's legislation would also allow people serving time for marijuana-related offenses be resentenced. Federal marijuana use and possession crimes would also be automatically expunged.

The legislation also encourages states to be more liberal with their marijuana laws.

Currently, 29 states allow medical marijuana use, while eight states plus the District of Columbia have legalized it recreationally.

The legislation is likely to not go anywhere in Congress, and goes against recent orders from the Justice Department.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recently directed federal prosecutors to pursue the most severe penalty for offenders, and has removed Obama-era restrictions on a civil asset forfeiture.

Sessions has made it evident he does not support marijuana legalization, and advocates for the drug are awaiting changes from the nation's top law enforcement officer. He announced in April the Justice Department had begun re-evaluating federal policy on marijuana.

According to an April Quinnipiac University poll, 94 percent of Americans support medical marijuana, and 60 percent are in favor of full marijuana legalization.

The Justice Department declined to comment on Booker's legislation.